Rezolve SDK 入⾨

Rezolve SDK 旨在嵌入 Android 或 iOS 應⽤程序,以便通過 Rezolve 的觸發器、⼯作流和事務為消費者提供無縫的移動體驗。

可在此處找到完整的 SDK 文件:



SDK 與 Rezolve App 進行資料交換與溝通——為零售商和品牌進⾏推廣和銷售所需的⼀切。


  • 核⼼服務——這是 SDK 直接與之通信的內容。然後,核⼼服務將請求和數據從應⽤程序傳遞到主要的Rezolve 服務。
  • RCE – Rezolve Cloud Engine – 這是⼀個資料庫和⼀組處理所有庫存和訂單資料的系統。
  • RXP – Rezolve 體驗平台 – 該服務管理所有參與和觸發器,並提供⾏為⾴⾯和信息⾴⾯。


第 1 步 – 下載 SDK

iOS 下載 – 

Android 下載 –

第 2 步 – 下載測試 App

Rezolve SDK 設計為位於“主機應⽤程序”中,並將為該應⽤程序提供 Rezolve 掃描、區域檢測、定位、⼯作和商務功能。為了幫助您進⾏測試,我們為您提供了⼀個基本的“測試 App”,以便您查看實際功能。

可以從以下位置下載 Android 和 iOS 測試 App:

第 3 步 – 了解 Rezolve SDK

Rezolve SDK 由⼀組執⾏功能組成。

透過相關功能發送指令,Rezolve 可以為 App 提供所有的功能


ClassKey FunctionsComment
AddressbookManagerManages addresses associated with a consumer.
– Create
– Update
– Delete
– List
ApiCheckManagerChecks if app is compatible with the backend API version, and indicates if app update is required.
AuthenticationManagerDeprecatedUse JWT Authentication instead (server-to-server, no SDK involvement) See note below
AutoDetectManagerUsed to start/stop Background Listening, and return detected items as a list.
CartManagerManages the shopping carts for a given consumer.
– List Carts
– Get a Cart and its contents
– Add/Update/Remove Products for a Cart
CheckoutManagerDeprecatedUse CheckoutManagerV2
CheckoutManagerV2Handles the purchase sequence when the consumer slides the ‘Instant Buy’ slider.
– Checkout Cart (get price breakdown for a Cart)
– Checkout Product (get price breakdown for a single Product)
– Create Payment Request
– Buy Cart
– Buy Product
– Sign Order Update
– Abort Purchase
CustomerProfileManagerUsed to display and update the consumer profile (a collection of basic information about the consumer – name, email, phone).
FavouriteManagerProvides management for consumer Favourites (saved values associated with topup transactions)Only used in apps that support topups.
MerchantManagerProvides various methods for getting merchant information.
– Get Merchants List (for the ‘My Stores’ list)
– Get Single Merchant
– Search Merchants (by string and/or distance)
– Get Shipping Methods (for a given merchant)
PaymentOptionManagerProvides list of payment and shipping options for a purchase page. The consumer can then choose their preferred option.
– Get Product Options (for single product buy)
– Get Cart Options (for a cart of products)
PhonebookManagerManage phone numbers associated with a consumer.
– Create
– Update
– Delete
– List
ProductManagerProvides methods for getting category information and product information.
– Get Products and Categories
– Get Single Product
See documentation for which methods to use in which scenario.
ScanManagerControls audio and image scanning capabilities, and handling of detected results.
– Start/Stop Audio Scan
– Start/Stop Image Scan
– Toggle Camera Light
– Handle Detected Results
TriggerManagerProvides handling for Touch Triggers
– Resolve Trigger From URL (main functionality)
– Listen to URL
– Get Persisted Triggers
UserActivityManagerUsed for ‘My Activity’ in order to get list of consumer Orders, and show a detailed view of those orders.
WalletManagerProvides methods to create, update, and delete consumer payment cards.

新解決⽤⼾⾝份驗證 (RUA)

在典型安裝中,您的⾝份驗證服務器將需要使⽤ JSON Web 令牌與我們的連接以授權

為了更輕鬆地試⽤我們的 SDK,我們在 Rezolve ⾝份驗證服務器上為您提供了⼀個⽤⼾帳⼾。您可以在測試 SDK 時使⽤它,但需要在離開沙盒系統之前進⾏適當的⾝份驗證集成。