SmartLinks are special Rezolve-powered links which are designed to be shared via email, SMS and social media.

When consumers tap on a SmartLink, what happens next depends on whether or not they have the associated Rezolve-powered app installed.

If they have an associated Rezolve-powered app installed, the user will be directed to view the content within that app.

If the consumer doesn’t have a Rezolve-enabled app, they will be able to view the content online in their web browser.

They can view and transact online, but they will also see a link to install the associated Rezolve-powered app. If they tap on this link, they will be taken to their App store to download the app.

Downloading Your Trigger

You will be able to access the Link via the Dashboard once you have created your Engagement. Copy it to the clipboard and then share it however you wish.