Scannable Demo Assets for Shop Beautiful

In order to see some examples of Rezolve triggers and workflows in action with the Shop Beautiful app, download and scan the following image files:

Click here to download (11.2MB file on Google Drive)


  • Avon Glitter Out Loud (Buy Product)
  • Gourmet Burgers Table Label (Buy Category)
  • McCafe Poster (Buy Category)
  • McDonalds Breakfast Poster (Buy Product)
  • Supermarket Shelf (Individual Buy Engagements)
  • Target Catalog Front Page (Buy Category)
  • Target In Store Poster (Buy Product)
  • Target Mailing List Sign Up (Act)
  • Walgreens Catalog Page (Buy Category)
  • Walgreens Deal of the Day (Buy Product)
  • Walmart Catalog Page (Buy Category)
  • Walmart Oil Change (Act)

Also, the following videos are available to see Audio/Video Scanning in action:

Act Example (Walgreens) –

Buy Example (Target) –

Buy Category Example (Walmart) –

Act Example (McCafe) –