The Reports section contains a list of reports available to you. Reports are run weekly, and historical reports remain in the interface indefinitely.  Reports are output in CSV (comma separated values) format, so the data can be imported into most any system for processing.


Each report is represented by a link on the page. To download a report, right-click or hold-click the link, and choose “save as”. Files are named in the format “[report title] [yyyy-mm-dd].csv  … where the date string is the day the report was generated.

Several types of reports are available.


The Participation Report lists all your merchants, and provides data on how fully they utilize critical Merchant Portal features, giving you insight into which merchants may require additional guidance to be successful. This report is also useful for Partners who bill Merchants based on participation in the Partner ecosystem. Fields in this report include:

  • Partner Id
  • Partner Name
  • Merchant Id
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Login URL
  • Merchant Enabled? (yes/no)
  • Number of categories
  • Number products
  • Number active engagements

Consolidated Revenue

The Consolidated Revenue report outputs one row per merchant, and gives merchant revenue totals for the report period.  Merchants with zero revenue are included. Only completed orders are included in totals. This report is useful for calculating revenue shares, checking merchant health, and for general financial use. Fields in this report include:

  • Partner Id
  • Partner Name
  • Merchant Id
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Login URL
  • # Transactions
  • Currency
  • Items Total
  • Shipping Total
  • Tax Total
  • Grand Total

Active Engagements

The Active Engagements report lists any Engagements that were active (created and not expired) during the reporting period. Because the creation of Engagements has a real cost, this report is vital to reconciliation of billing matters surrounding them. It can also be used to calculate ongoing ROI on an engagement. Fields in this report include:

  • Partner Id
  • Partner Name
  • Merchant Id
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Login URL
  • Engagement Global Id
  • Engagement Type
  • Engagement Name
  • Engagement description
  • Engagement expires
  • Engagement Status
  • Engagement catalog id
  • Engagement product id
  • Engagement Auto Renew (yes/no)
  • Placement Id
    A note on placements… A placement is a watermarked ad generated from the source image of the engagement. Currently, an engagement always has exactly one placement. In our roadmap, however, we intend to allow multiple placements per engagement, thus the inclusion of placement data in this report.
  • Placement Name
  • Placement description
  • Placement Marked (true/false) – Indicates if the placement was successfully watermarked. You are not charged for unsuccessful watermarks.

Consumer Report

The Consumer Report lists all consumers currently signed up through the partner’s mobile app. This report includes:

  • Partner Id
  • Partner Name
  • Consumer Id
  • Created Date
  • Consumer First Name
  • Consumer Last Name
  • Consumer Name
  • Consumer Email
  • Consumer Phones
  • Consumer Addresses


The Orders Report provides a snapshot of orders and their current status in the system, enabling the partner to monitor order fulfilment by merchants. Each row is an order. Line items are not included in the orders report, but a URL is provided to the particular order in the Merchant Portal if more detail is needed.  Because Sub-Partner Id is included in this report, this report should be used to calculate revenue shares for Sub-Partners.

Orders are included in the report if:

  • Order was new within the week of the reporting period
  • Order was completed within the week of the reporting period
  • Or if order is not complete.

Completed orders that completed prior to the reporting period are not included.

Fields in this report include:

  • Partner Id
  • Partner Name
  • Sub Partner Id (if any)
  • Merchant Id
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Login URL
  • Order Id
  • Order URL
  • Order Creation Datetime
  • Order Status
  • Days Incomplete (this would be calculated based on order date, a convenience for the Partner). This will be blank if order is complete.
  • Items Subtotal
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • Grand Total
  • Order Notes if any
  • Payment Method (if order complete)