Merchant Details

The merchant detail view is quite lengthy, so we will address it a section at a time.

Merchant Info

The merchant info section captures the primary business and contact info for a merchant.  None of the information in this section is shown to the end consumer.

  1. Merchant ID – A sequential ID assigned to merchants in your ecosystem.
  2. Portal Address – The URL to the Merchant Portal login page for a merchant. Click this to visit the merchant portal for this merchant.
  3. Business Name – The legal name of the merchant business. This may be different from the store name that is shown to the customer.
  4. Business Industry – The industry the business belongs to.
  5. Business Website – The URL to the merchant’s public website.
  6. Business Address – The mailing address of the merchant.
  7. Business Contact Number – The phone number for contacting the primary merchant admin.
  8. Categories Count – How many categories merchant has created in their store. Updated daily.
  9. Products Count – How many products the merchant has created in their store. Updated daily.
  10. Show in Mall – Click this to toggle whether the store is shown in the browsable merchant list in the Mall on mobile devices or is hidden from view. A store that is hidden from the mall still functions normally in other ways: the merchant admin can log in, and products scanned from an engagement can still be purchased. This feature is useful when a new merchant has not finished setting up their store and wishes to limit customer visibility until all products are entered.
  11. Enabled – Click this to toggle whether the store is Enabled or Disabled. When a store is Disabled, the merchant admin cannot log in, scans of an engagement will return an error, purchases cannot be made, and the store cannot be browsed in the mall. Use with caution.

Merchant Users

These are the email addresses and names of the users that have been set up to access this Merchant Portal.

Support Contact

The Support Contact displays the information that are shown to the end consumer in the mobile app for support purposes. It is typically appended to the bottom of every “My Activity” purchase receipt.

  1. Email Address – The public consumer support email address for the merchant.
  2. Phone – The public support phone number for the merchant.

Tech Contact

The Tech Contact section has the details of the person responsible for the technical aspects of the merchant’s operation. The tech contact should be familiar with the merchant’s technical infrastructure, order fulfillment, and data integrations, and should be capable of handling technical issues in the event of a problem. None of the information in this section is shown to the end consumer.

  1. First Name – The first name of the technical contact.
  2. Last Name – The last name of the technical contact.
  3. Name – The full name of the technical contact.
  4. Email Address – The email address of the technical contact.
  5. Phone – The phone number of the technical contact.

Setup and Policies

The Setup and Policies section holds system-level information about this particular merchant setup.

  1. Locale – The default language used by this merchant.
  2. Added – When the merchant record was created.
  3. Expires – When this date is reached, the store will automatically become disabled. Useful for issues where a store is out of compliance with partner guidelines, or has a billing issue.
  4. Currency – The currency used by the merchant’s store, formatted as an ISO 4217 three letter code.
  5. Valid Card Types – What credit card types this merchant supports.

Merchant PSP

Merchant PSP settings capture the identifying credentials used for processing a transaction with the merchant’s payment service provider. PSP information fields vary with the PSP.

  1. PSP – The name of the merchant’s selected PSP.
  2. Credentials – The number and label of credential fields vary by PSP. Typically there is a combination of mandatory and optional fields. Consult your PSP’s guidelines for more information on a particular field.

 Merchant Partner

The Merchant Partner section has information about the partner that this merchant belongs to.

  1. Partner – The name of the partner this merchant is created within.