Managing Partner Settings

Add Partner User


When you add a new partner user to the system, the fields you need to provide values for are as follows:

  1. Parent – the Partner Portal that you wish to add the user to. You’ll only be able to add the user to the current portal.
  2. Name – The name of the user.
  3. Email – The email address of the user. This will be used for the login.
  4. Enabled – Tick this box to add this as a live ‘enabled’ user who can log in right away.
  5. New Password – Enter the password for the user.

Click Submit to add the user to the system. You can also click Reset to clear all fields.

Browse Partner Users


This is where you can see all the users who can log into this portal.

  1. Email – The email address used to log in. Click this to see details of a specific user.
  2. Name – The name assigned to the user.
  3. Enabled – Whether or not the user can log in. Click the switch to enable/disable the user.
  4. Added – The date the user was added.
  5. Partner – The partner portal that this user is part of.
  6. Add Partner User – Click this to add a new user.