Managing Merchant Logins

Browse Merchants


The Browse Merchants list provides an overview of all the merchants in your account. The list view also provides a link to the partner portal for each merchant, some product stats, the ability to toggle the merchant’s access on/off and the ability to hide/show them in the mall.  The columns in the table are:

  1. Merchant ID – A sequential id assigned to merchants in your ecosystem.
  2. Business Name – The business name of the merchant. Click this to go to the Merchant Detail View.
  3. Portal – Click this to be taken to the Merchant Portal login page for a merchant.
  4. RCE host – The web address of the Merchant Portal.
  5. Categories – How many categories merchant has created in their store. Updated daily.
  6. Products – How many products the merchant has created in their store. Updated daily.
  7. Show in Mall – Click this to toggle whether the store is shown in the browsable merchant list in the Mall on mobile devices, or is hidden from view. A store that is hidden from the mall still functions normally in other ways: the merchant admin can log in, and products scanned from an engagement can still be purchased. This feature is useful when a new merchant has not finished setting up their store and wishes to limit customer visibility until all products are entered.
  8. Enabled – Click this to toggle whether the store is Enabled or Disabled. When a store is Disabled, the merchant admin cannot log in, scans of an engagement will return an error, purchases cannot be made, and the store cannot be browsed in the mall. Use with caution.
  9. Partner ID – The ID of this Partner Portal.
  10. Partner Name – The name of the Partner Portal.
  11. Added – When the merchant record was created.
  12. Expires – When this date is reached, the store will automatically become disabled. Useful for issues where a store is out of compliance with partner guidelines or has a billing issue.
  13. Filter by Enabled – Switch between just seeing the enabled merchants and seeing all merchants (including any disabled ones).

Add Merchant User


This area allows you to add a new user to a Merchant Portal. The fields you need to provide values for are as follows:

  1. Parent – the Merchant Store that you wish to add the user to.
  2. Name – The name of the user.
  3. Email – The email address of the user. This will be used for the login.
  4. Enabled – Tick this box to add this as a live ‘enabled’ user who can log in right away.
  5. New Password – Enter the password for the user.

Click Submit to add the merchant user to the system. You can also click Reset to clear all fields.

Note: As soon as the merchant user is added, these login details can be used to log into the Merchant Portal.

Browse Merchant Users


This is where you can see all the merchant users who can log into all the Merchant Portals that are part of this Partner Portal.

  1. Email – The email address used to log in. Click this to see details of a specific user.
  2. Name – The name assigned to the user.
  3. Enabled – Whether or not the user can log in. Click the switch to enable/disable the user
  4. Added – The date the user was added.
  5. Merchant – The Merchant Portal that this user can log into.
  6. Add Merchant User – Click this to add a new user.