Location triggers have the ability to activate notifications on consumers’ phones when the consumer enters a GeoZone. Engagements linked to locations also appear within the ‘In The Area’ screen on the Rezolve app.

Location triggers are created by placing Rezolve GeoZones on a map. To create a location trigger, click ‘Location’ on the main trigger selection page.

Creating a GeoZone

The first thing to do is create your GeoZone on the map screen.

On the map screen, use the search bar at the top left to navigate to the area you want to create the location trigger.

You can also use zoom controls on the map, and click and drag on the map to move it.

When you have identified the point that you want to place the GeoZone on, click once to create the GeoZone.

If the position is not quite right, click and drag the GeoZone circle to move the fence around.

If you need to delete a GeoZone, click once on the central pin to delete the GeoZone.

Click on the controls on the edge of the circle and drag them to increase the size of the boundary. The price you will pay per day is based on the size of the GeoZone.

It is possible to click on the map multiple times to create multiple fences for a single engagement.

When you are happy, click ‘Choose a Target’ (see Targets).

Choose the Duration

You will be charged for every day the GeoZone(s) is active, so you will also be asked to specify what days the GeoZone should be active for.

There are two methods for selecting a time period.

To choose a ‘Standard Length’:

  1. Click on a date on the calendar to mark the start of the time period
  2. Click on a duration box at the top of the screen

To manually choose a custom length of time:

  1. Select the ‘Custom’ box at the top right of the screen
  2. Click on a date on the calendar to mark the start of the time period.
  3. Click again on the calendar to set the end date

Finally within this screen, you can choose the ‘Active Hours’ for the engagement. These are the hours that the GeoZone will be active for. Use the ‘From’ and ‘To’ controls to set a time period, or else leave it as it is to have an entire 24-hour period.

You can also set the time-zone, if required.