How Do I Create a Touch Trigger?

These instructions detail how to create a ‘Touch Trigger’, which are used to link a ‘Buy‘ target to a category.

Select Engagements on the left menu and then select Manage all Engagements.

Click the blue Create Engagement button.

Step 1: Enter Your Basic Engagement Settings

The first thing to do is specify what Engagement Type you are adding. To take consumers to a category, leave this set to Buy.

Underneath that you can enter the Engagement Name and the Engagement Description, which are just for your reference and will not be shown to customers.

Step 2: Set Your Trigger Type

Set ‘Trigger Type’ to ‘Touch’.

Step 3: Select a Landing Page

Towards the bottom of the page, you need to choose whether this link will redirect consumers to a product or a category in the app.

Select ‘Category‘.

You’ll see a drop-down list. If you click the down arrow you’ll see a tree with all your category pages.


Click on the category you want, or use the search bar to find it.

Step 4: Save the Engagement

Once you’ve completed all the settings, click the Save button found near the top of the page.

Your engagement will be saved and you’ll be returned back to the main Engagements list.

Now click ‘View’ to view your Touch Trigger, and click the ‘Copy trigger to clipboard’ button to copy it to the clipboard. You can now use this URL in the Rezolve Experience Platform.