Engagements Dashboard

The RXP Dashboard is a list of all the engagements you have created. This is where you can download/copy the triggers you need to start customer interactions.

Available Actions

Change Target

Use this button to change the content that the user sees when they engage with your triggers. You can make a change immediately or schedule a change to happen at a later date.

Download (Image, Audio or SmartCode triggers only)

If your engagement uses a scannable trigger (image, audio or SmartCode) you can download the file using the ‘Download’ button.

Copy URL (SmartLink triggers only)

If your engagement uses a ‘SmartLink’ trigger, then click this button to copy the sharable link to the clipboard.

Generate Button Code (Instant Checkout triggers only)

Opens up a separate screen where you can configure a button, and copy the code required to display the button to the clipboard.

Pause (available via ‘…’ button)

Stops the engagement from working.

  • For GeoZones, this will stop the engagement from triggering notifications. It will also hide location engagements from the ‘In The Area’ screen in the app.
  • For scannable triggers (image, audio, QR, touch) the consumer will see a message when they scan the trigger informing them that the engagement is unavailable.

Restart (available via ‘…’ button)

Reactivates any paused engagements.

Delete (available via ‘…’ button)

Delete the selected Engagement.

Bulk select/actions

Tick the box at the left of each row and then use this drop down to carry out one of the actions above on multiple engagements at once.

Viewing Options

The following viewing options are available:

  • Sort – Click on any column heading to sort the data by that heading.
  • Search – Filter based on the name of the engagement.
  • Time – Filter by when the engagement was created
  • Filter– Filter based on the trigger type, status and target.