An Engagement is an instant digital interaction powered by Rezolve. Engagements are created up and managed via the Rezolve Experience Platform (RXP).

An engagement begins when the consumer Interacts with a Trigger e.g. scanning a SmartCode, tapping on a SmartLink or viewing a GeoZone notification. In the RXP you can set up a wide range of triggers.

After interacting with the trigger, the consumer is then shown some Content. This might be a product to purchase, which is referred to as an ‘Instant Buy’ engagement. Or the consumer might be directed to an online form (known as an ‘Instant Act’ engagement.) Other types of content include Information Pages and existing pages on websites. Content pages are also created and managed within the RXP.

If a customer is taken to an Instant Buy or Instant Act engagement, then they have the option to make a transaction e.g. place an order or submit a form.

Within the RXP you can link your triggers and content together to create engagements. You can also change the content for an engagement after the engagement goes live.

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