Where Do I Enter The Locations Available for In-Store Pickup?

Go to Advanced, click Store Pickup and then click Manage Stores.

To add a new store location, click the blue Add New Store button.

Here is a list of the settings here, and what they are for.

Store Name
The name of the store

Store Email
A contact email that customers can use if they have any questions.

Set this to ‘Enabled’ to have the pickup location available online

Address / City / Country / Region / Zipcode
The address of the pickup location

A contact telephone number that customers can use if they have any questions.

The longitude of the pickup location

The latitude of the pickup location

Note: You can get the latitude and longitude of the store location from any only maps site. Click on the location on the map, and it should be able to show you the co-ordinates to enter here.

Finally, you can enter opening times of the store location by clicking on Time Schedule in the sidebar.

When you are finished, click the blue Save Store button.

You can create as many pickup locations as you want. The online customer will be shown the ones closest to them first.