What Are The Most Important Product Settings?

Near the top of the product settings you will see fields for  Name and Price. There is also a SKU field here, where you can enter a reference code for the product.


To edit the description, go all the way down to a heading that says Content.


Click on this heading to expand the area. You should now see two boxes: Description and Short Description.


The text you enter into the Short Description box will appear under the product name in the app.  The text in the Description box is shown when customers click the See Detail link in the app.


Other Settings

  • Tax Class – set whether this product incurs tax, or whether it is exempt
  • Quantity/Stock Status – described in How Do I Manage My Stock Levels?
  • Weight – enter a weight for the product if you know it. If this is a product you don’t plan to send out (e.g. a booking or a reservation) then set the drop down list to say ‘This product has no weight’
  • Visibility – leave this set to ‘Catalog and Search’. If you set it to ‘Not Visible Individually’ then the product will be removed from the app, but can still be purchased via an option – see Product Options


Enable and Disable Products

Right at the top of the Product screen you will see a switch called Enable Product.

enable switch

To remove the product from the app without deleting it, set this to No.