How Do I Find a Product?

To view your products, click the Products link in the sidebar and select Catalog.


You will see your products in a list. Click on a product row to edit it.


Note: If you only see a few of products, rather than all your products, it might be because you have a filter applied to the list, perhaps from the last time you were here. Look above the list. Do you see some text that says Active Filters?

active filters

Click the x or click the Clear All link to the right. This will remove the filters and show you all the products.


To find a specific product, click the Filters button.


In the Name field, enter the name of the product you want to find.


Click the Apply Filters button.

apply filters button

The list will change to only show the products that match your filter. Hopefully, you can now see the product you want to edit.

If you don’t see any products, click Clear All at the top right and try applying a different filter.

To edit a product, click anywhere in the row containing the product.


Note: If a product looks like it appears multiple times in the list, it is probably because you are editing a product with options.


You only need to worry about the one that says Configurable Product in the Type column. This is the one that appears in the app. The other ‘Simple Products’ are just there to represent the different options for the main product, and they won’t appear in the app.