How Do I Manage Custom Fields?

Custom fields allow you to add your own extra questions and inputs to the pages in the app.

You can add a custom field by going down to the Data Capture area. You may need to click on the heading to expand this area.

To add a new custom field, click the Add Field button.

In the Field Title you can enter a label/title for the custom field. This tells your consumers what information you need them to enter.

Within the Field Type drop down, you can choose from one of the three available types of custom field:

  • Text Field
    Adds a free text field to the page. Consumers can enter their own values.
  • Select Drop Down
    Allows you to create a set of options for your consumers to choose from.
  • Date
    Adds a date-selection tool to the page.

If you don’t want consumers to leave the custom field blank, tick the Required box.

You can create multiple custom fields, and re-order them using the ‘re-order’ icon at the top left:

Delete a custom field using the delete icon

Managing Values in Drop Downs

When you choose the Drop Down field type, you can click the Add Value button to add new values to the drop down.

You can delete and re-order values within the drop down list using the delete and re-order buttons.