Product Options

Sets of options in the merchant portal (such as ‘Size’ and ‘Color’) are called Attributes. To add a set of options to a product, click on the Configurations heading within a product.

config heading

Then click the Edit Configurations button.

edit config button

This starts the Configuration Wizard.

There are four steps to adding options to a product:


Configurable Products vs. Simple Products

When you add options to a product, you will change it from a 'Simple' product to a 'Configurable' product.

A Configurable Product looks like a normal product within the app, except that it has a drop-down list of options. Each option you offer to your customers will be associated with a separate simple product in your product list. These associated simple products are usually set to not be visible in the app, so they cannot be bought independently from the main product. Each simple product has its own unique SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each option.