The Merchant Reference App

The Rezolve Merchant Reference App allows merchants to check and process orders with the tap of a finger.

Logging On

When you first start the Merchant App, you will see this screen.

You will need to enter the URL of your Merchant Portal, together with the username and password you normally use to log on.

When you have entered those details click the Login with your merchant account button.

Looking Up An Order

There are three ways to find an order

  1. Manually type the order number into the Enter Order ID field and click the search button
  2. Click View all orders and scroll through to find the order
  3. Scan the QR code from a Rezolve order that is on the consumer’s phone

To find the QR code, the consumer will need to go to My Activity (or equivalent location) in their Rezolve-enabled app. Then they can view their order history and tap on the relevant order to load the details.

The QR code will be at the bottom of the order details.

Checking and Completing an Order

When you view the order details, all the relevant information is displayed on the screen.

To make that order as ‘Complete’ (i.e. tell Rezolve that the consumer has received the goods) click the Ship button.

Viewing All Orders

To view a list of all orders, click the View all orders button on the main scan screen. Tap an order to view the details.

Logging Out

Click the arrow icon at the top right of the main scan screen to log out of the Merchant App.