The Main Menu

The main menu is the primary way in which you navigate the different capabilities of the MP. The main menu is the side bar on the left of all pages.

The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the sales and customer activity in your store, and is the first page that appears when you log in to the Merchant Portal.

The Sales menu is where you can find everything related to orders.

Don’t use this unless directed. Engagements are created and managed in the Rezolve Experience Platform

The Products menu controls everything related to your products and categories.

The Advanced Menu expands further Main Menu options described below.

  • Reports
    The Reports menu provides a selection of reports that provide useful insight into the performance of your store.
  • Stores
    The Store menu includes tools to configure and maintain key aspects of your store.
  • System
    The System menu gives you access to advanced functions such as import and export of products