On the Main Menu, tap Stores. Then under Taxes, choose Tax Rules.

In the upper-right corner, tap Add New Tax Rule.

Under Tax Rule Information, enter a Name for the new rule.

Choose the Tax Rate that applies to the rule.

If you need to add a new Tax Rate, do the following:

  • Tap Add New Tax Rate.
  • Complete the form as needed.

  • When complete, tap Save.

Complete the Additional Settings

Tap Additional Settings to open the section.

Then, do the following:

Choose the Product Tax Class to which the rule applies.

  • To edit a Product Tax Class, tap the edit icon. Then, update the form as needed, and tap Save.
  • To create a new Tax Class, tap Add New Tax Class. Then, complete the form as needed, and tap Save .

You do not need to change, add or edit the Customer Class; alternate Customer Classes are not supported yet.

In the Priority field, enter a number to indicate the priority of this tax, when more than one tax applies. If two Tax Rules with the same priority apply, then the taxes are added together. If two taxes with different priority settings apply, then the taxes are compounded.

If you want taxes to be based on the order subtotal, mark the Calculate off Subtotal Only checkbox.

In the Sort Order field, enter a number to indicate the order of this Tax Rule when listed with others.

When complete, tap Save Rule.