MP workspaces that manage data display a collection of records in a grid. The controls at the top of each column can be used to sort the data. The current sort order is indicated by an ascending or descending arrow in the column header.

You can specify which columns appear in the grid, and drag them into different positions. You can also save different column arrangements as views that can be used later.

The Action column lists operations that can be applied to an individual record.

Grid Controls

The main set of tools available with Grids are sort, filter, paginate, apply actions, and export:

Sort – The header of each column can be used to sort the list in ascending or descending order. Just click on the header to sort, and click again to reverse the sort order.

Filter – The filters in the header of each column can be used to limit the list to specific values. Some filters have additional options that can be selected from a list box, and for others, you can simply type the value you want to find.

Paginate – The pagination controls are used to view the additional pages of results. In most cases you can choose how many rows you want to see in the grid, and you can page forward and back through consecutive pages of results.

Actions – The Actions control applies an operation to all selected records. To select a record, mark the checkbox in the first column of the Grid, or use the Mass Actions control to select multiple records.

Mass Actions – The Mass Actions control is used to select multiple records to be the target of an action. Options: Select All / Unselect All, Select Visible / Unselect Visible, then select the desired Action.

Export – Some Grids also provide controls to export the data shown in the Grid. In most cases the exports formats include CSV and XML.

Grid Layout

The selection of columns and their order in the grid can be changed according to your preference. The new layout can be saved as a grid “view.”

To change the columns shown in a grid

  1. Tap the Columns   Then, do the following:
    1. Mark the checkbox of any column you want to add to the grid
    2. Clear the checkbox of any column you want to remove from the grid.
  2. Make sure to scroll down to see all available columns.

To move a column

  1. Tap the header of the column, and hold.
  2. Drag the column to the new position, and release.

To move a row

  1. Tap the row and hold.
  2. Drag the row to the new position, and release.

(This feature is only available in certain Grids for example changing the order of Product Options)

To save a grid view

  1. Tap the View   Then, tap  Save Current View .
  2. Enter a name for the view.
  3. Then, click the arrow to save all changes.
  4. The name of the view now appears as the current view.

To change the view

  1. Tap the View   Then, do one of the following:
    1. To use a different view, tap the name of the view.
    2. To change the name of a view, tap the Edit icon, then, update the name.