Shopify Integration for Rezolve

These instructions will go through how to generate the API keys required by Shopify to connect with Rezolve.

Login to your Shopify store

1. Click on Apps in the left menu

2. Click on Apps and sales channel settings

3. Click on Develop apps

4. Click on the Allow custom app development button

5. Click on the Allow custom app development button

6. Click on the Create an app button

7. Fill in the App name field (This can be any name but try and use a name that will remind you of the exact integration being referenced)

8. Click on the Create app button

9. Click on the Configure Admin API scopes button

10. Check all the checkboxes in the Admin API access scopes area. Please view the video below for more information

11. Click on the Save button

12. Click on API credentials

13. Click on the Install app button

14. Click on the Install button

15. Click on Reveal token once

16. Copy all three keys (API access token, API Key and API secret key) and save it to a file, as it will be needed when you will sync your Shopify store with the RCE.