BigCommerce Integration for Rezolve

This article explains the steps to link your BigCommerce store to your Rezolve Merchant Portal.

During the onboarding process in the RXP you can select the eCommerce platform you wish to connect to. If you select BigCommerce, then you’ll see the screen below where you are required to enter various pieces data from your BigCommerce store in order to synchronise your orders and products.

The fields in this screen are:

  • Name
  • Store URL
  • Client ID
  • Access Token
  • Context

Obtaining the data from your BigCommerce site

Store Name from BigCommerce

The name of your store is shown at the top of the left sidebar.

Store URL from BigCommerce

Store Context

Big Commerce API Context. This string is part of the URL as shown below. You will need to enter it into the RXP in the following format: stores/context_name e.g. stores/tcdfbe4tm

To obtain the Client ID and Access Token you will need to create a new API account within the BigCommerce admin.

Click on Settings in the left sidebar.

Go to the lowest part of this page and click on API Accounts.

Click on Create API account

Enter whatever you want into the ‘Name’ field (e.g. Rezolve) and click on all the options below to change them from None to Modify

Click on Save button. You’ll see the following window.

Copy Client ID and Access Token to a file for future reference. Please note Client Secret is not required.

Click on Done.

You now have all the settings you need for the connection to Rezolve.