Connecting Payments

Rezolve is integrated with a range of leading eCommerce payment providers. If you see your payment provider in the list, select it and click ‘Next’. You can then enter your payment details such as your Merchant ID.

If you don’t see your payment provider in the list, you may need to get a new account with one of our partners. Contact Rezolve for help and advice.

You will need to use a Merchant ID which is enabled for eCommerce transactions. You won’t be able to use Merchant IDs that have been provided for in-person transactions at your physical store.

Payment Details

About Your Store

These settings are required for all payment providers

Currency for PaymentsSet the currency that you wish to take payments in
Your TimezoneThe timezone your store operates in.
Your Customer Service Phone NumberThe telephone number you wish to display in the app for customers to reach you.

All the rest of the settings will vary based on which payment provider you have selected. Please contact your payment provider if you are not sure where to find them.

3D Secure Settings

You may be asked to enter a set of 3D Secure settings to enable 3D Secure with Instant Buy and protect your purchases from fraud.

These settings will all be available from your existing payment provider.