Ecommerce Integration

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There are two steps to setting up eCommerce functionality in the RXP.

Step 1 - Enter Payment Details

Rezolve comes pre-integrated with many leading payment providers. You can select your payment provider from the list and then enter your Merchant ID and other required information. Then when customers purchase via the app, payment will be made directly via your payment provider. Read more.

Step 2 - Connect an Ecommerce Platform

It is possible to connect your online store to Rezolve, and synchronise your products and orders automatically. All your products will be available to use for Buy engagements, and all the orders placed in the app will be passed back to your online store. Read more.

You aren't required to connect an eCommerce platform to sell with Rezolve. It is possible to import a spreadsheet, add product details manually or even just redirect people to your online store. Read more.