Selling in Rezolve Without an Integration

If it isn’t possible for you to connect an online store to Rezolve, there are still a range of options for selling products via Rezolve.

Use the Merchant Portal Directly

It is possible to enter products straight into the Rezolve Merchant Portal. This is a fully-functional ecommerce platform which you can use to manage your inventory and process your orders.

As soon as you create a product in the Merchant Portal, you will be able to select it for a Buy target in the RXP.

Importing a Spreadsheet

It’s possible to import a spreadsheet of products straight into the Merchant Portal. Instructions are here.

As soon as the products have been imported, you can start using them within Buy targets in the RXP.

Redirecting to URL Targets

If you have an online store, use External Links to redirect customers to pages in your online store.

Customers won’t get the full ‘Instant Buy’ experience, but they can still shop with you.