Instant Buy transactions require Rezolve’s eCommerce features to be activated. This is done via ‘Settings > Sell With Rezolve’.

During the eCommerce activation process, you will provide Rezolve with details of your payment gateway – this enables Rezolve to process all Instant Buy transactions through your existing payment provider.

Once eCommerce is activated, you will be given access to the ‘Rezolve Commerce Engine’ (RCE) which is the engine that drives Rezolve’s eCommerce functionality. The dashboard for the RCE is called the ‘Merchant Portal’, which you can find more about here.

Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Rezolve eCommerce can be used standalone via the Merchant Portal. This allows you to add products and process orders that come from your Rezolve engagements.

However, eCommerce in Rezolve is most effective when Rezolve is synchronised with an existing eCommerce platform.

When this connection is active, products are fed from the eCommerce platform to Rezolve, and purchases are made via Rezolve and then passed back to the eCommerce platform. See the diagram below.

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