Rezolve Merchant App User Agreement


1.1 In order to serve you better, please carefully read this agreement. This agreement is intended to provide you with Rezolve application by which you become entitled to be onboarded on our Application using our geozone technology and/or are provided access/login to the application platform registration and use, etc. involved in all the acts of the conclusion of the rights and obligations of the specification. You, during the registration process or by clicking the “registration” button, or registration after login and use, are indicating that you fully agree and accept this agreement, are willing to comply with this agreement, the rules, the norms of all the content, and if you disagree, or do not comply with this agreement, you shall stop the registration or discontinue the use of the application platform. If you are a minor, you should also ask your guardian to carefully read this Agreement and made his/Their consent.

1.2 To improve the user experience and satisfaction, the user agrees that this application will be based on your and/or the consumer’s operation behavior of data for survey research and analysis, and for further optimization services.

2. Service content

2.1 See our Application Platform which provides (a) geozone fencing of merchants once onboarded and (b) access/login to various other available and customized features with which merchants can push their advertisements. This platform is strictly prohibited to all illegal activities for any activities which are in violation of the community operational norms.

2.2 Beyond the geozone fencing, the merchants can use their own specific content through the Application Creator according to the actual situationon case to case basis.

2.3 Unless the registration and service agreement otherwise provide, other express provisions of this with the launch of new products, new features, new services, shall not be subject to separate registration or the registration Protocol specification.

2.4 This application only provides relevant network services, beyond that associated with the network service related equipment (Such as PCs, mobile phones, and other with access to the Internet or mobile network related devices) and the cost of(As for the access to the Internet on the net and pay phone fee) shall be at the user’s own burden.

3.Usage rules

3.1 User account registration

3.1.1 To use the application system of registered user, you can only use Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, underscores, and combinations thereof, prohibit the use of spaces, various symbols and special characters, and at most no more than 16 Characters (8 Characters) Registered, otherwise it will not be registered.

3.1.2 For user login, you can only use Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, underscores, and combinations thereof, prohibit the use of spaces, various symbols and special characters, and at most no more than 14 Characters (7 Characters) Registration, otherwise, the community is entitled to only intercept 14 Characters to show the user account if the user account and the application of existing user account the same name, the system will randomly add a character to show the difference, otherwise will not be registered.

3.2 As found in the user account containing indecent word or inappropriate name of a purchase merchantAPPReserves the right to cancel their user qualifications to the right.

3.2.1 Please do not order the party and state leaders, or other social celebrities real name, size, stage name, a pen name registration;

3.2.2 Please do not order national institutions or other institutions of the name registered;

3.2.3 Please do not register without civilization, unhealthy name, or contain discriminatory, abusive, obscene class of the words in the account;

3.2.4 Please do not register prone to ambiguity, to cause others to misunderstand or other non-compliance with legal provisions account.

3.3 User account ownership of the application, the user only views the right to use.

3.4 The user is obliged to ensure that the password and account security, the user uses the password and the account of the conduct of all activities caused any loss or damage suffered by the user assumes all responsibility for this application does not bear any responsibility. If the user found that the account was not authorized to use or the occurrence of any other security issues, you should immediately modify the account password and keep it and, if necessary, please feedback to notify the application managers. Due to hacking or user of the custody of the negligence account illegal use of this application does not bear any responsibility.

3.5 The User undertakes to their post or upload to this application all the information(That belongs to the people’s Republic of China copyright law works, including but not limited to text, images, music, movies, performances, and audio and video products and computer programs, etc.)Enjoy the full intellectual property rights, or has been related rights of the lawful authority; if the user violates the provisions of this article caused this application is a third person claim, the user shall be full compensation should have been with all the costs(Including but not limited to, a variety of compensation fees, litigation fees and for expenses other reasonable costs);

3.6 When a third party that the user posted or uploaded to the application of the information infringe on its rights, and according to the information network dissemination Rights Protection Regulation or relevant laws and regulations to the app sent right to notice, the user agrees that this application can judge for themselves the decision to delete the allegedly infringing information, unless users to submit written evidence to exclude infringing the possibility of this application will not automatically restore the deleted information;

(1) Not for any illegal purposes and to use the network service system;

(2) Comply with all network services for network protocols, regulations and procedures;

(3) You may not use this service for any possible on the Internet the normal operation of the adverse impact of the act;

(4) You may not use this service for any adverse to the application of the act.

3.7 As a user in the use of network services in violation of any of the above provisions, the application have the right to request the user to correct or directly take all necessary measures (Including but not limited to delete user-uploaded content, suspend or terminate the user to use the network service rights)To relieve the user of improper behavior and impact.

4. Responsibility statement

4.1 Any websites, entities or individuals such as that of this application or this application to provide relevant content alleged violation of their legitimate rights and interests, should be timely to the application to provide a written Power notification, and provide proof of identity, ownership certificate and detailed infringement case to prove. This application is in receipt of the above legal documents, the will as soon as possible cut off the relevant content to the relevant website, the units or the individual’s legal interests are protected.

4.2 The User expressly agrees that use of this application network services risks and all consequences will be entirely up to the user themselves, this application does not assume any responsibility.

4.3 This application is not guaranteed network service can surely meet the requirements of users, nor to ensure that the network services of the timeliness, security and accuracy.

4.4 This application do not guarantee for the convenience of the user and the set of links of the accuracy and integrity, while, for the external links pointing to the help of the application the actual control any of the content on the page, and this application does not bear any responsibility.

4.5 It shall be the responsibility of the users to inform Rezolve about their precise geo-locations and Rezolve shall use such information to geo-fence them and/or provide access to its Application Platform for the users. Users may check the appropriateness of geo-locations once activated by Rezolve.

5.Intellectual property rights

5.1 This application-specific identification, layout design, presentation such copyright shall belong to the application view, without this license, and must not be any copy or reprint.

5.2 Users must use the services of Rezolve directly from the application of services based on information provided.

5.3 This application all content, including product description, picture, etc. ownership of content the home to see the available merchantsAPPThe user, any person may not be reprinted.

5.4 This application all user-uploaded content only represents user’s own position and view, and application-independent, by the author himself shall assume all legal liability.

5.5 The above and any of the services contains content that is intellectual property are protected by law, and without this application, user or relevant right holders written permission, any person may not in any form be use, or to create derivative works.


6.1 This application is not open to the public or to a third party to provide a single user registration information and the user in the use of network services is stored with the commitment of non-disclosure, except the following:

(1) After obtaining the user’s express authorization about allowing such disclosure;

(2) In accordance with the relevant legal requirements;

(3) According to the relevant government departments of the requirements;

(4) To safeguard the public interest.

6.2 This application may work with third parties to provide users with the relevant network service, in this case, if the third party agrees to bear with the community the same level of protection the privacy of the users of the responsibility, then the community has the right to the user’s registration information and other information provided to the third party, and without notice to the user.

6.3 In not revealing a single user privacy information of the premise, this application is entitled to the entire user database for analysis and the user database for commercial use.


7.1 Rezolve shall determine the price for using the services of the application platform as provided to the users. Such price has currently been determined to be RMB 300 per month, unless otherwise updated, in which case, the users shall be intimated in advance. Such amount shall be paid by the merchants and may be collected on the directions of Rezolve either by themselves or through any other service provider engaged by Rezolve.

8. Protocol modifications

8.1 This application reserves the right at any time to modify any provision of this agreement once the agreement is changed, the agreement will be in the application published on the modification of the agreement. If the user does not agree with the existing agreement or above modifications, you can choose to stop using the application. This application is also selectable by other appropriate means, such as system notifications to inform the user to modify the content.

8.2 If you disagree with the application of this Agreement and/or relevant provisions of the modification, the user has the right to stop using the application. If the user continues to use the application, it is considered that the user accepts the application of this Agreement and relevant provisions of the modification.

9. Notification delivery

9.1 Under this agreement, the application for all users of the notification can be accessed through the pages of the Bulletin, e-mail, system notifications, SMS, or regular mail delivery and other ways; such notice to the sending date of the deemed to have been served on the recipient.

9.2 The user for this application the notification should be by the application of foreign official publication of mailing address, email address, and other contact information for delivery.