Managing Your Content in Rezolve

You can view your content by going to ‘Targets’ on the main menu bar.

Creating New Content

At the top this screen are four buttons for creating the four main kinds of content that Rezolve supports.

Grid of Existing Contents

Available Actions

Within this grid of content pages, you have multiple actions available:

Edit an Existing Content Page

Click the Edit icon to make changes to the page. Please note that this will change this content page for ALL engagements using this content.

Duplicate an Existing Page

Click on a target, and then click the ‘…’ button. From the pop-up list select ‘Duplicate and Edit’. This will create a new target based on your existing one. You can make changes to this and not affect any other engagements.

Preview a Target

Click the eye icon to see a preview of the target.


Remove the content page from Rezolve. You will not be able to do this if the content page is used by an active engagement.

Viewing Options

The following viewing options are available:

  • Sort – Click on any column heading to sort the data by that heading.
  • Search – Filter based on the name of the content page.
  • Filter – Filter based on the content type.
  • Time – Limit the grid to content pages created within a particular time period.