An Image trigger will place a hidden ‘watermark’ within an image. This watermark cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it will be detected when scanned with a Rezolve app.

Rezolve will make tiny changes to any images you upload to the RXP. Because of this, there are some technical restrictions about the sort of images that can be used for watermark triggers.

  • The best type of image is a JPG saved as RGB
  • Colour photographs watermark best, whereas simple graphics with lots of flat colour will be difficult to scan
  • Click here for a full Watermarking Guide
  • Click here for some more advanced technical information about Preparing Your Images for Watermarking

Drag your image into the ‘Upload an image’ box, or click ‘Browse for images’ to find the images on your PC.

The image will be validated and then uploaded to the RXP.

Advanced Options

Click ‘Advanced Options’ to choose the ‘strength’ of the watermark.

We recommend using a strength of ‘5’.

  • A watermark strength lower than 5 will not be visible to the naked eye, but it may also mean Rezolve has trouble detecting it in some conditions (low light etc.)
  • A watermark strength higher than 5 will be detected reliably by Rezolve in all sorts of light conditions, but it may be visible to the naked eye.

When you are ready to continue, click ‘Choose a Target’ (see Targets).

You will be able to download your watermarked image from the Dashboard once your engagement is complete.