Drag and Drop Page Builder

The drag and drop page builder allows you to quickly create a custom page to appear in the Rezolve app.

The process of adding items into the page design is as follows:

  1. Drag an item from the left into the building area
  2. Move it up and down to change its position relative to other items
  3. Customise the element. This is described below

Customising Elements


Enter the text for the header and use the tools to customise:

  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Alignment (left/right/centre)
  • Emphasis (bold/italic)


Enter the text for the paragraph, and use the tools to customise:

  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Alignment (left/right/centre)
  • Emphasis (bold/italic)


Select an image from your PC to use in this page.


  • Use a web compatible image (*.jpg, *.gif, *.png)
  • Make sure your image isn’t too large (e.g. over 1MB) or you could use up all your customers’ data


Your video should already be uploaded to a video site (YouTube or Vimeo). Copy in the sharing URL into the field provided.

Page Link

Select one of your other existing app pages to link to. The link to the page will include the title, subtitle and image for the selected page.


There are no configuration options for dividers. They can just be used to separate different areas of the page.

Act Fields


This is an image which you can share to your customers. Your customers can save the coupon by sliding the ‘Act Now’ slider, and the image will be saved in ‘My Activity’ on the app.

You can also set an expiry date and time for the coupon, which will be displayed with the image in the app.

Date Field

This will place a date selection tool into the page.

Set the ‘Start Date’ for the tool and the ‘End Date’. If you don’t select these, people will be able to select any date.

You can also tick ‘Only allow dates in the future’ to make sure that the calendar in the app starts with the current day.

Select Field

This will place a ‘drop-down’ select box into the page. Consumers will be able to select their response from a range of options you provide.

Click the ‘+’ button to add a new option to the list, and click the ‘Trash’ icon if you need to delete an option.

Text Field

This will place an open ended text field into the page.