For ‘Buy’ targets, you need to configure two things:

  • Enter a title, subtitle and image that will appear within notifications and links to this page.
  • Select the product (or category) that you wish to use for the Instant Buy Engagement.


Enter a title and subtitle which describes the content of the page in an attractive and interesting way. You can also upload an image that will appear with this information in the app. This image will be cropped to be square.

These details will be used for notifications when the engagement is triggered by locations (GeoZones) and beacons. It is also used within the list of nearby engagements within the app.

Product/Category Selection

To select a product or a category, you will need to have access to a ‘Merchant Portal’ to configure your products. You will also need to speak to Rezolve to activate eCommerce functionality for your RXP account.

First select whether you are linking to a Product or a Category.

If you are linking to a product, select it your product from the list shown. Use the search and filter options to help you find the product you want.

If you are linking to a category, select it from the list shown.