An Act is like an online form. You can ask your customers questions, and see the results within the RXP.

You can also use Acts to share Coupons with your customers. See below.

For ‘Act’ targets, you need to configure two things:

  • Enter a title, subtitle and image that will appear within notifications and links to this page.
  • Create the response form that you wish to use for the Instant Act Engagement.


Enter a title and subtitle which describes the content of the page in an attractive and interesting way. You can also upload an image that will appear with this information in the app. This image will be cropped to be square.

These details will be used for notifications when the engagement is triggered by locations (GeoZones) and beacons. It is also used within the list of nearby engagements within the app.

Where Can I See Customer Submissions?

The submissions to an Act can be accessed via the Targets page.

Look for a download arrow in the Submissions column. Click it to download your responses.

How Do Coupons Work?

Coupons are a great way to drive footfall to your store, and reward your loyal customers with exclusive discounts.

A Graphical Coupon is an image that you create, which the customer can save and then show on their phones at your store. The image might be a QR code to be scanned at the POS, or it could be just an e-flier that people show to get a discount. It’s entirely up to you.

If you have a coupon ready to share, you can add it to a mobile engagement by adding a ‘Coupon’ item to the page in the Drag and Drop Page Builder. You can also set an expiry date for the coupon.

Once your customers see the coupon, they can save it for later by sliding the ‘Act Now’ slider. When the customer is at your store and wants to show the coupon, all they need to do is open it from the ‘My Activity’ area in their app.

Designing an Act

Use the ‘Drag and Drop Page Builder’ screen to build your page.

When you are ready to continue, click the green button at the bottom right. This button will say ‘Confirm’ or ‘Choose the Duration’ depending on the type of trigger you have used.