Getting Started

When you arrive on the RXP for the first time, you need to Sign Up before you can start using it. See Your Account.

Once you are signed up, you can see your Engagements and Targets in your Dashboard or start creating a new Engagement.

Rezolve Engagements

Every mobile engagement is made up of two components:

  • A Trigger
  • A Target


When you start creating a new engagement, the first thing the RXP asks you to do is to choose a trigger.

Triggers are things that your consumers will encounter and choose to engage with. It could be an image with a hidden watermark that they can scan, or it could be a GeoZone around a location.

Find out more about Triggers.


Targets are what consumers will see once they have engaged with a trigger. The target for an engagement could be a page of information, an ‘Instant Act’ response form, or an ‘Instant Buy’ product (or category).

Find out more about Targets.