What Sort of Things Should I Check with My Printer?

CMYK Conversion

Printers will need to convert RGB images to CMYK before printing (for more details on this, click here). To avoid the possibility of them breaking the image, you need to ensure they are using one of the supported color profiles as a basis for the conversion.

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  • GRACoL press

If you are concerned, have them print out a test version for you to check.

Ink Savers

‘Ink Savers’ are printer optimizations that are designed to save ink by rebuilding colors in the artwork. Minor color changes will have a minimal impact on watermark readability, but aggressive color adjustments (that move image data from the cyan, magenta and yellow plates to the black plate) can reduce or remove the watermark’s readability.

We recommend you ask you printer to avoid using ink savers on pages containing watermarked images. Or if they insist on doing it, ask them to print a test version your ad using the ink savers, so you can check it first.