Advanced Audio Watermarking

What About Stereo Tracks?

If you upload a file containing stereo audio, both tracks will be watermarked identically.

An upload of a mono track will of course just watermark the one track.

I have a long audio track and wish to trigger different products at different times during the audio. Can I do this?

Yes, absolutely.

  1. Using your audio editor, split the track into multiple sequential files (minimum 10 seconds) each representing a section where you want watermark detection to occur.
  2. Watermark the files that you want to trigger detection, each to a separate product or category.
  3. Download the resulting audio files.
  4. Using your audio editor, recombine the files in a sequential fashion. The files must not overlap.
  5. Export the audio as single, finished file.

I have an video file and want to watermark the audio. How do I do this?

While it is beyond the scope of this document to explain the intricacies of multimedia creation, the basic steps are:

  1. Extract the audio track from your video and save as a separate file.
  2. Watermark the audio file.
  3. Download the watermarked audio.
  4. Replace the original audio in your video with the watermarked audio.

They key is to completely replace the original audio with the watermarked audio. Do not attempt to mix the watermarked track with the original track, or otherwise mix the watermarked audio with other sources.

It is fine to combine watermarked audio in an editor only if it doesn’t overlap/mix with other audio tracks.