Here are some of the most common issues people experience when watermarking images.

Image is the Wrong File Format

Images have to be saved as JPG (*.jpg/*.jpeg) or TIFF (*.tiff) before being watermarked. Click here for more tips on choosing the right format.

Image is Too Large

The maximum supported image file size is 150MB. If your image file is larger than this, then resize or compress it with care. There are some tips for compression here.

Image is Too Small

Your images must be larger than 600×300 pixels (or 300×600 pixels).

The Watermark is Visible

Certain sorts of images will work with watermarking better than others. See What Sort of Images Work Best? for a guide.

If you can see evidence of the watermark (e.g. fuzzy edges, strange colors) it may be worth experimenting with the ‘Strength’ settings. See How Do I Create a Shoppable Ad?. You can try a watermark with a lower strength, which will be less visible, but it will also be more vulnerable to being ‘broken’ by the printing process. See What Sort of Things Should I Check with My Printer? for advice on successful printing.

Received Error Message: There was a problem with the API

This error can be shown when you have tried to watermark a JPG file that has been saved with a CMYK color profile. Save your file as a TIFF (use LZW compression if prompted), and try watermarking again. Alternatively, you can save your JPG file with a RGB color profile.

For more information on JPG and TIFF file formats, go here . More detail about RGB and CMYK color modes can be found here.

Why did Rezolve change the Resolution (DPI) of the Image?

To ensure a quick read by mobile devices, a Rezolve Image Watermark must be applied to your image at the same size as intended for printing. If your image has a print resolution (DPI) within the allowed range Rezolve will use that DPI value. If your image’s print resolution falls outside of that range (e.g., less than 150 DPI), Rezolve will normally substitute a DPI setting that will allow for printing on a standard US Letter size page.